“A hat should express your personality and exemplify the threads you wear”     - LDK                        



I grew up in California, lived in the Midwest and Florida is where my soul finds its home.  I have always had a passion for interior design, fashion and creating unique styles influenced by my travels.  Leigh & Elizabeth was established after I created a custom hat for each of my daughters.  What started as a vision for two hats led me to a passion to create a new style of eclectic hat wear.  My focus is to deliver character and charm while bringing to life the visual through my environmental influences.  I continually create innovative designs while maintaining elements from past styles.  “The places I have seen and the people I have met are the key to the design process.  It’s the reason I maintain diversity in my product”. 



If there is one trait I am known for, it’s my nostalgic disposition.  The idea to create a hat that brings together repurposed and sentimental materials I find both fascinating and serene.  It provides a momentous accessory for my buyers, while I find tranquility creating something unique and one of a kind.  Each hat is meticulously handcrafted using high quality materials . Hat accessories are sourced from my travels and clients’ personal collections.  The result is a stunning hat that becomes an heirloom.